Can you create the cure in 60 minutes and save the world?   If not, you will be the next zombie!

Welcome to Nano-Gen enterprises! As you may remember from your history classes Nanogen was the inventor of the nano-virus back in the year 2362.

The nano-virus of course is where we combined a nanobot with a virus particle so we could cure any known disease instantaneously by manipulating human DNA and controlling it through wi-fi. We
thought “what could possibly go wrong?”

Well... something did. Josie, the AI that controls the nano-viruses has gone insane. In her attempt to “perfect” humanity she has taken away everything that makes us human: compassion, cognition and has instead instilled a horrible hunger for human flesh.

The media are calling the infected “zombies.” We don't like the “Z-word” here. It's a public relations nightmare.
And there is both good news and bad news here. The bad news is you have already been infected.

Best for 2 - 8 players, all ages



$28.00 per Adult
$14.00 for Children 11 -under

Plan to arrive 15 Minutes prior to your scheduled event!

Each participant must complete our waiver before playing.

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