What is the minimum number of players?

We'd recommend at least 2, the lower number of people, the harder the room is.

What are the maximum number of players?

7-10 is the suggested group sizes, but could potentially accommodate larger groups.

Is there a possibility that I'll be paired with strangers?

Yes, booking will stay open until all slots are full. If you want a private room, you need to book all slots available.  Call for private room pricing.

Can I bring my own food and drink?

Yes you can!  You can bring your own food and drink or you can order from the restaurant right next door ! !

Can I play drunk?

You are certainly welcome to enjoy beverages.  The Saloon (sports bar/restaurant), and Deerfield Bar and Bottle right in the same building!  We do ask that you respect our rooms, props, and puzzles.  We reserve the right to stop the game and ask you to leave if we feel you will harm  yourself, others or items in our rooms.

What if I'm late for my scheduled time?

We can try to accommodate you, but since we have scheduled time slots it might not be possible.

What if we have a group bigger than 10?

Our suggested groups are based on what we think is comfortable, if you wanted to have more people, that's fine. We can also help you book two rooms that can run at the same time.

Can I book last minute?

1 hours ahead for online booking, if you walk in and we have a room available, we can accommodate immediately.